Temperature Teetering: Tips for Transitioning from Winter to Spring

We have hit a teasingly warm weather streak here in NYC and there are no reports to be made to the complaints department.  The one con that can often happens when the weather gets a little funky in early March is that often you aren't prepared; your warm weather stuff sits in bins, your dresses for cool weather but not tights are binned, and you've searched all winter for the perfect puffy coat just to slip back into your leather jacket.  I know I'm not the only one whose mornings involve these mini millennial crisis'!


I hate to be the bore talking about the weather but the  next couple months are bound to full of these outfit dilemmas.  Today I am sharing my tips for making the transitional period between winter and spring a little bit smoother.  

  1. Think of Winter in Two Phases
    Personally, I start swapping my wardrobe out mid-February.  Why?  Because I think of winter in two phases; BC (Before Christmas) and AC (After Christimas).  By late January/early February I've already tired out the pieces that I've been sporting since October and the holiday-esque styles are no longer in my weekly rotation (looking at you glitter booties).  Before Valentine's Day even rolls around I've stored away those Holiday friendly styles and those that I know I'm bored with and start bringing out lighter pieces in both material and color. 
  2. Length Over Layers
    With frequently changing weather, our minds all tend to go the direction of layers. What we forget when we go from winter to spring is that many indoor locations. like the office, still have the heat pumping.  My favorite combo = knee-high boots paired with a midi-length dress.  In the winter I rarely wear my knee-high boots due to the length not working over jeans or with the dress hems in rotation, so transitional weather is the perfect play date for them.  Play with different lengths and enjoy the brisk walk to work in the morning. 
  3. Light Denim, Brisk Days
    When the 60 degree days roll around there's a light and refreshing vibe all around - a feeling that to me is like wearing a light wash pair of jeans.  Pull out your light wash jeans and pair them with your favorite booties and a t-shirt.  For a casual look pair with your favorite cargo jacket (points for oversized!) or for a more office friendly look pair with your favorite blazer which can double as a jacket. 
  4. Swap Over Swipe
    There are so many different clothing rental services now and I am here for it.  If you've been here for a bit you know that I love my Gwynnie Bee subscription which let's me rent an unlimited wardrobe on a monthly basis - others I've tried are Le Tote and Rent the Runway but neither work with my lifestyle the same way GB does.  I have been a member for quite some time now and not to be a dead horse but it truly has changed the size of my closet and how I shop for clothes.  My membership especially helps me in the transitional months; gone are the days of unloading bin after bin - though I'm down to only two storage bins!! - and instead I have tabs and tabs of styles available to add to my virtual closet. 

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Chop, Chop

Dress: Johnny Was via Gwynnie Bee (Now sizes 0-32!) | Boots: Macy's 

Dress: Johnny Was via Gwynnie Bee (Now sizes 0-32!) | Boots: Macy's 

New year, new look!  After one snowstorm, four days stuck in my apartment and three seasons of New Girl consumed I found myself standing in front of my bathroom mirror the first Sunday night of the year with a pair of scissors in hand and a Pinterest board of bangs dancing in my head.  By the time I settled for bed I had a fresh new set of bangs - that were only a little crooked - and a new look after a year of not touching my hair leading up to my wedding.  

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

While I don't typically don't make drastic changes to my hair over the course of the year I do believe changing your appearance slightly throughout a year is healthy not only for your hair but your mental wellness.  The moment I could get my hands on a box of hair dye in the color went but it wasn't enough.  My naturally pin straight hair needed another boost and I knew I didn't want to lose my length just yet.  

At first my hair went into shock and I actually hated the way I looked.  But rest assured after a day or two I was owning my new look and I was quickly falling into a routine of how to style it.  

FullSizeRender 2.jpg
FullSizeRender 3.jpg
FullSizeRender 8.jpg
FullSizeRender 7.jpg

How I Style My Bangs: 

  1. After washing I put a coat of Living Proof In Shower Styling Gel in my clean hair.  It is typically meant for ladies with curly hair but on days I am using a curling iron it helps provide additional texture.  
  2. Right before I begin to dry style my hair I spray my roots with Aveda Volumizing Tonic, which not only provides my roots with a volume boost but has the most relaxing fragrance.
  3. My hair dryer is my best friend.  I blow my bangs out every morning with a small rounded brush.  As someone with oily hair this prevents them from falling flat and sticking to my forehead. 
  4. Tease away!  I use a small teasing brush on a thin layer of the bangs.  I tease right along the root in order to give more volume. 
  5. I spray a tiny bit of hairspray on my bangs before heading out the door. 

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5 Tips on How to Avoid the Post Holiday Blues

As we take down the trees and pack away the ornaments, it settles that another year has come and gone.  Some may have had whirlwind years, others non-monumental years.  The holidays can also be a great time of reflection, especially since most of us are thrown from our everyday routine of eat, sleep, work repeat.  Following the stress and joy of the holidays getting back on the horse called work can be difficult to adjust to, especially with temperatures so cold.  

Today I am sharing five ways I prepare for the new year as the holidays die down.  

Sweater: Loft | Skirt: Loft | Boots: American Rag | Lip: Colour Pop Avenue

Sweater: Loft | Skirt: Loft | Boots: American Rag | Lip: Colour Pop Avenue

Post holiday sales can often be even better than those that roll around right after Thanksgiving.  I take advantage of these sales, not just for clothes, but to stock up favorite beauty products.  Having a fresh set of products always cheers me up in the colder months because my skin changes drastically as the weather does so it's helpful to have products on hand and not have to worry about running out in the cold.  

I take time during time off to clean out mt closet and beauty area.  Anything I haven't worn in the last year can get donated or tossed (based on it's condition).  The end goal is to always arrange my closet and dreser so that everything has a spot.  In the colder months it can be challenging thinking of outfits because I'm focused on how I will stay warm during my twenty minutes of walking to and from trains.  To make mornings easier on myself, as I clean my closet I curate outfits for grab and go mornings.  

As I work on my closet I  straight up my beauty area.  I tend to rotate through my products every month or so, and favor some products over others.  To keep in step with my skincare and beauty routines, I've created a small spot on my dresser where these routine products live.  It's a spot that is in a clear line of vision and is arranged on a marble tray so it also looks really pretty.  

Select2 (1).jpg

When it comes to work, I start each January with a fresh slate.  I really try to let each year be a true new year, and don't let problems, stress or worries from the previous work year carry over into the new one.  Walking back through the office doors with a positive, clear outlook helps jump right into whatever project I am tasked with to kick off the year.  

Lastly, let's all admit that resolutions are kind of a dying breed.  Instead try setting goals for yourself.  Rather than focusing on what you are going to change, focus on what you are going to do this year.  For example instead of saying I want to travel more often, I focus on where those places are that I want to travel.   

How do you prefer to start the New Year?  

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