Victoria Beckham x Target: When Two Become One

When it comes to sharing opinions, I have no shame.  Often times, I will let you know how much I hated a piece of clothing before I tried it on and instantly fell in love with it, which is why when it comes to clothes I always shop by the don't judge a book by it's cover rule.  

Over the weekend I received my Target order from the Victoria Beckham x Target collection (yay!).  I was very apprehensive to place an order from the collection when I saw all my other favorite bloggers posting to Instagram stories; none of the pieces really jumped at me!  There was however one piece in particular that satisfied all my Brady Bunch loving dreams.  I have really been enjoying rompers and jumpsuits lately and definitely want to incorporate more of them into my wardrobe. 

The print on this romper is deliciously nostalgic and brings me back to my childhood of watching Brady Bunch and Partridge Family reruns on Nick at Nite (#TBT).  I opted to go with an XL as the plus size option for me would have been too big on my chest, as clarified by the weight of the material.  Everything about this romper is perfect in my opinion; the shorts hit at an age appropriate length, the collar has a mature metallic clasp and the belt is reversible!  This is a great staple statement piece as it can be paired with a variety of shoe options as well as swapped with different jackets and cardigans.  

Some pieces from the collection still seem to be available online but definitely check your local Target for in store options!  

Denim, Denim, Denim

Before I become a lean, mean, blue jean queen with this post - did you read that title to the tune of the Super Mario Brothers underground theme song?  

You're welcome. 

Back to the clothes!  Is it just me or do you all feel like you cannot escape the denim craze?  Whether it's vintage, structured, oversized or fitted jeans aren't going anywhere, anytime soon.  They are the iconic American fashion trend and constantly evolve throughout the years.  This year I have been seeing a lot of denim trends that I definitely sported back in middle school and high school (which makes me feel old) but I am also seeing a lot of fun, exciting pieces that are not your typical Lee's blue jeans.  


With denim madness in mind I sported my first Canadian tuxedo - that is denim on denim.  I paired this MBLM by Tess Holliday top from my latest Gwynnie Bee box with my absolute favorite pair of skinny jeans from Old Navy.  When I got the top I wasn't sure what jeans to pair it with because the fabric is super soft and rich but then I remembered my coveted favorites.  The patchwork on the knee and the fading near the ankles help blend the denim hues together while not looking totally contrasted.  I love the oversize fit of the shirt because there is enough length at the hem for me to tie up in a knot.  


With inspiration from my outfit I put together a denim shopping guide of my denim must haves for Spring 2017: 

Day to Night: Jumpsuit

Never have I ever worn a jumpsuit and liked it, let alone loved it.  I think that is a challenge a lot of women have when it comes to this trend piece.  For me the biggest challenge is finding a jumpsuit that fits my rear and bust as well as my waist.  I recently received this black and navy jumpsuit from my Gwynnie Bee box and it is a total game changer for my spring and summer wardrobe. 

The brand, Jete is one of GB's private label brands which means it is exclusive only to Gwynnie Bee members.  The material is a beautiful lightweight material with a nice amount of stretch as well as a drawstring waist.  I love that banded ankles and the way to material has the right amount of draping on my chestThis piece is great for multiple occasions and events as well a great for every day wear.  

This past Saturday was a busy day of running errands and meeting with friends at night, so I knew I would have minimal time for an outfit swap.  While out running errands, I tossed on my rented Vince Camuto bomber from Gwynnie Bee; this jacket is so luxorious and may be my next investment!  I kept it casual by slipping into a pair of black flatforms and no jewelry.  

Before heading out to meet some friends I switched my bomber for my leather jacket from Fashion to Figure and threw on navy patent leather flats and a necklace.  The necklace dresses up the jumpsuit a bit and the leather jacket can be draped when indoors to make it look like a cape.  

Years ago I would have shied away from this piece immediately because of the black and navy color palette but I love how complementary they are to one another.  This is a great neutral palette to layer pops of color onto for transitioning from winter to spring. 

What trend piece have you been holding off on trying? 

Gwynnie Bee is a clothing subscription rental service for women sizes 10-32.  Sign up here for a 30 day free trial.  

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My 5 Bedroom Must Haves

For a better half of my twenties creating a bedroom sanctuary has been one of my top goals.  I have finally gotten my bedroom to where it is a place I can go at the end of the day, pull down the bedding and instantly relax. 

With limited space it was important to me to make sure I filled it with items I loved in order to create a room that still felt true to my personal style (and reflected my fiancee's as well).  Here are my top five favorite bedroom must haves (all of which can be bought via Amazon!). 

Linen Spray

Linen spray is always accessible in my apartment - it's a great way to refresh your bedding in between washes and is great to spritz on your couch when you have company due.  

You can find a variety of scents from Caldrea on Amazon; I always go for the Lavendar scents.  

Bedside Catch Alls

Around our bedroom we keep various small bowls and dishes; as I walk around the apartment I tend to take things off so I strategically place them in all the nooks.  Having a bowl or small dish at my bedside is great for any last minute things like earrings or bobby pins can get tossed in there before bedtime.  

The bowls we are currently using the most are our Yours and Mine set from Kate Spade.  These make a great gift for any newly engaged friends, or even new home owners.  Amazon has a huge marketplace of Kate Spade goodies at fantastic prices!  

Charging Station

One of the best investments I made this year was the corded ten foot iPhone charger from Amazon.  Keeping it plugged in at the center of our room allows us to keep the phone mobile while it charges.  I used the space above our hamper to stash my phone during charge time as well as all of our bluetooth devices.  

Tea Bag Trinkets

This one may be a little more personal - not everyone prefers tea; I however, love a cup of green tea to start the day.  I always keep a teabag catcher on my dresser or nightstand so that I don't oversteep while I go through my morning routine.  

I love picking these up when I go thrifting but you can find some really affordable and adorable ones from Amazon.

*Pro tip: They also act as a catchall for any small stud earrings!

Something That Inspires You

As basic as it sounds keeping a small space reserved for something that sparks joy in you is a great way to reinforce daily positivity.  

Right now, my inspiration wall is the small panel of wall between the windows in the direct center of my living space.  I kind of bought this hat on a whim and know I won't wear it [often] but it inspires me to add a bit of elevation to my outfits as I get dressed each morning.  It's a great reminder to put my best foot forward each day.  


What are some of your favorite must have home pieces from Amazon? 





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As I get deep into the trenches of wedding planning I am learning that a lot of wedding traditions I have grown up with have since faded and in their place are new traditions, such as bridesmaids and/or bridal party proposals.  I have always loved the idea of a bridal party proposal but knew I wanted to keep it something to low key; I didn't want to send my friends and family items that wouldn't get used and collect dust.  


Each bridesmaid received a scratch off card with a poem inside that read: 

"I couldn't have my big day without you by my side
Please say you'll join me on #TeamBride!" 

I purchased the cards for about $5 each from Petal Paper Co. on Etsy.  

Included with the card was a set of four pairs of earrings for them to choose from for the wedding day.  I found these at my local Macy's Backstage and I love that they have the choice of four different styles.  The white make-up bag is from the Target Dollar Spot, I love the embossing ("Bag of Tricks") and adore how the scalloped edge gives a slight bridal flair.  

Mate of Honor

My Mate of Honor loves the holiday season and has spent many Christmas' with my family.  The holiday is one of my favorite days of the year and since we are getting married in December I wanted to incorporate it into our wedding somehow; I wanted to keep this super minimal as my hubby to be is Jewish.  My fiancee and I came up with the idea of having our Mate of Honor wear a small Christmas accessory on our wedding day (we're all in on the secret together!) 

We scoured the internet for the perfect pair of dress Christmas socks, that were just right; a lot more difficult than you would think in February!  I settled for a pair from Absolute Socks and in his card included a poem

"To incorporate Christmas in some sort of way
We ask for you to sport these socks on our wedding day"

Junior Bridesmaids & Flower Girl

The proposal I did for the young girls in our bridal party is probably my absolute favorite small detail of our wedding.  By chance, I stumbled upon these gold umbrella earrings on Nordstrom and knew the perfect role for them. 

I am a huge fan of How I Met Your Mother and have always found quirky similarities between Marshall & Lily and my fiancee and I; I really wanted to figure out a way to incorporate the sitcom into our wedding.  The gold umbrella earrings made perfect sense!  

In addition to the earrings I gave the girls a mystery Frozen collectible because...what little girl doesn't love Anna, Elsa and squad?!  The girls also received a scratch off card with the same message as the bridesmaids. 

Ring Security 

My fiancee and I don't happen to have boys in our circle young enough to qualify as ring bearers but we knew we wanted to ask my younger cousins to join us on the big day.  I decided on calling them "ring security"; I love how punchy and fun it is.  

A quick Etsy search prompted me to these adorable ring pop gifts for the boys.  On the day of the wedding I plan to give each a custom shield to don.  

Lastly, inside their card included the last poem of the bunch.

"Before we can say I do
We need this help from you.

The mission at hand
Is to protect the wedding bands."

In the comments please share the creative ways you invited your friends and family to be in your bridal party! 



If you know me you know a few quirks of mine revolve around being a shopaholic with a knack for clearance racks.  I have a habit of buying a lot of clothes I never get around to wearing therefore I tend to closet purge often.  This black trench coat found its way to me a few summers ago when I found it at the Banana Republic on 5th Avenue for $15.  It has made its way in and out of my toss away pile several time and I finally decided it's a keeper, just not as a jacket. 

One of this years biggest trend predictions is trench coats - so I decided why not spin this ill fitting jacket into a cute trench mini shift dress.  Truth be told, I hate this as a jacket but I LOVE it as a dress!  It's roomy, comfortable and hits at a perfect length to pair with tall boots for the last few weeks of winter.  I knew I was thinking stylishly when I walked into work and found my co-worker and favorite blogger, Kelly Augustine also wearing a trench coat as a dress.  Great minds think alike, but they also dress alike!  

Pro tip: Next time you are debating to toss something away think about the second life it can have as an alternative piece.  That t-shirt that shrunk, it can now be the perfect crop top for your high waist jeans!