Temperature Teetering

We have hit a teasingly warm weather streak here in NYC and there are no reports to be made to the complaints department.  The one con that can often happens when the weather gets a little funky in early March is that often you aren’t prepared; your warm weather stuff sits in bins, your dresses for cool weather but not tights are binned, and you’ve searched all winter for the perfect puffy coat just to slip back into your leather jacket.  I know I’m not the only one whose mornings involve these mini millennial crisis’!

I hate to be the bore talking about the weather but the  next couple months are bound to full of these outfit dilemmas.  Today I am sharing my tips for making the transitional period between winter and spring a little bit smoother.

  1. Think of Winter in Two Phases
    Personally, I start swapping my wardrobe out mid-February.  Why?  Because I think of winter in two phases; BC (Before Christmas) and AC (After Christimas).  By late January/early February I’ve already tired out the pieces that I’ve been sporting since October and the holiday-esque styles are no longer in my weekly rotation (looking at you glitter booties).  Before Valentine’s Day even rolls around I’ve stored away those Holiday friendly styles and those that I know I’m bored with and start bringing out lighter pieces in both material and color.
  2. Length Over Layers
    With frequently changing weather, our minds all tend to go the direction of layers. What we forget when we go from winter to spring is that many indoor locations. like the office, still have the heat pumping.  My favorite combo = knee-high boots paired with a midi-length dress.  In the winter I rarely wear my knee-high boots due to the length not working over jeans or with the dress hems in rotation, so transitional weather is the perfect play date for them.  Play with different lengths and enjoy the brisk walk to work in the morning.
  3. Light Denim, Brisk Days
    When the 60 degree days roll around there’s a light and refreshing vibe all around – a feeling that to me is like wearing a light wash pair of jeans.  Pull out your light wash jeans and pair them with your favorite booties and a t-shirt.  For a casual look pair with your favorite cargo jacket (points for oversized!) or for a more office friendly look pair with your favorite blazer which can double as a jacket.
  4. Swap Over Swipe
    There are so many different clothing rental services now and I am here for it.  If you’ve been here for a bit you know that I love my Gwynnie Bee subscription which let’s me rent an unlimited wardrobe on a monthly basis – others I’ve tried are Le Tote and Rent the Runway but neither work with my lifestyle the same way GB does.  I have been a member for quite some time now and not to be a dead horse but it truly has changed the size of my closet and how I shop for clothes.  My membership especially helps me in the transitional months; gone are the days of unloading bin after bin – though I’m down to only two storage bins!! – and instead I have tabs and tabs of styles available to add to my virtual closet.

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