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 Dress: Johnny Was via Gwynnie Bee (Now sizes 0-32!) | Boots: Macy's   Dress: Johnny Was via Gwynnie Bee (Now sizes 0-32!) | Boots: Macy’s

New year, new look!  After one snowstorm, four days stuck in my apartment and three seasons of New Girl consumed I found myself standing in front of my bathroom mirror the first Sunday night of the year with a pair of scissors in hand and a Pinterest board of bangs dancing in my head.  By the time I settled for bed I had a fresh new set of bangs – that were only a little crooked – and a new look after a year of not touching my hair leading up to my wedding.

While I don’t typically don’t make drastic changes to my hair over the course of the year I do believe changing your appearance slightly throughout a year is healthy not only for your hair but your mental wellness.  The moment I could get my hands on a box of hair dye in the color went but it wasn’t enough.  My naturally pin straight hair needed another boost and I knew I didn’t want to lose my length just yet.

At first my hair went into shock and I actually hated the way I looked.  But rest assured after a day or two I was owning my new look and I was quickly falling into a routine of how to style it.



How I Style My Bangs: 

  1. After washing I put a coat of Living Proof In Shower Styling Gel in my clean hair.  It is typically meant for ladies with curly hair but on days I am using a curling iron it helps provide additional texture.
  2. Right before I begin to dry style my hair I spray my roots with Aveda Volumizing Tonic, which not only provides my roots with a volume boost but has the most relaxing fragrance.
  3. My hair dryer is my best friend.  I blow my bangs out every morning with a small rounded brush.  As someone with oily hair this prevents them from falling flat and sticking to my forehead.
  4. Tease away!  I use a small teasing brush on a thin layer of the bangs.  I tease right along the root in order to give more volume.
  5. I spray a tiny bit of hairspray on my bangs before heading out the door.

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