I Wore Sweatpants to Work (and you can too!)

Can joggers be a thing forever?  

When this trend first started poking up I remeber thinking “Nooo, not sweatpants.”  In high school I went through a sweatpant phase and I never wanted to do that again…until now.

It’s summer, it’s hot and my thighs rub together much too often to wear dresses everyday.  Jeans can make you melt in the New York humidity so I set out to find alternative pants options.  

Over Memorial Day I found these super lightweight printed pants at H&M.  They are most likely a bathing suit cover up but when styled correctly these can easily be worn to the office.  I paired these with a bodysuit and a cropped cardigan.  For a less casual office trade the cardigan for a blazer and add a statement necklace.

I also found this fun crop top at H&M.  It’s covered in what I call Saved By the Bell print.  I paired it with my black joggers from the Thrift Store and some loud slide ons.  For a less casual work environment swap the crop top with a floral blouse and throw on black pumps.  

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  • I love love love love these! I recently found my grey printed trousers like yours above and I wore it to a job interview yesterday, these types of trousers are so comfortable and can look so stylish. Sarah xx

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