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While I may be a devout sale and clearance shopper that does not stop me from perusing the racks at luxe boho retailer Anthropologie.  Did you know you can find amazing discounts hidden in the racks of the clearance section both in store and online?  #TheMoreYouKnow

I didn’t either until a few years back.  I used to work near the Rockefeller Center location and would stop in from time to time during my lunch break.  During one of the winter tag sales I walked out with a whole wardrobe of summer duds for my upcoming vacation – I may or may not have walked out of there with a pair of $5 denim shorts!

Last winter I popped into the location at Chelsea Market after a few NYFW events and had to pick my jaw off the floor at the all the amazing mark downs.  This Maeve laser cut suede dress was marked down to $20 – and as beautiful as the rich color and interesting texture is the beauty of it truly lies in the price tag!  Never doubt a retailer that you think may be out of your budget, you can – for the most part – always find something in the sale section.

My number one tip for shopping Anthropologie is to always wait for there to be a sale on the sale department.  These sales happen more often than you think, and can range anywhere from an extra 20% to an extra 40% off mark downs leaving you with tons of options well under $100 and $50.

Right now, Anthropologie is offering an extra 40% off markdowns; no code needed!  I’ve rounded up some of my favorites from the sale section online but make sure to check out your local Anthro to see what the brick and mortar’s have to offer!




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