Something From Nothing

Was it just me this week or was anyone else Googling “Is Mercury in retrograde?”  Between the change of the season (or lack thereof) and the shorter days, longer nights it seems that everyone I encountered this week was having one of those weeks.  For me I felt like I had a gray cloud hanging above my head everywhere I went, and while I try to not let that affect me, I’m human and it does.  For instance, this outfit was not worn to be photographed – it’s honestly all that was clean and comfy enough for me to wear to work during my time of the month; however, after going for a walk in the middle of the work day I came across this fence.

This alleyway/fence area on the side streets of Long Island City was the perfect pick me up.  To someone else this may just be a dirty little sliver on a street but I see the beauty in it.  The color of the fence is striking and screams autumn to me and the pops and peaks of city weeds give it more personality.  And while this outfit isn’t the winner of this post it was definitely enhanced by my surroundings.

Too often I let my mood affect what I wear which I think a lot of us are guilty of.  Sometimes I can use it to it’s advantage which is obvious when I sport my bright colors and cheeky statement pieces but more frequently it means an all black ensemble.  When I fall into these mood swings the simple change to a white tee instead of a black one and a colored shoe makes a difference.

It’s the small pick-me-ups like a change of your color routine or finding beauty in the simple things that sometimes help to lift our spirits.  I find embracing these little things helps push the gray clouds out from above me…and even helps make a lazy, comfy outfit look well thought out and cute.

If you follow me on social, I mentioned in my post that my friend and photographer Trevon James makes me recite three things each day that make me happy.  It’s a really fantastic way to scale back and ground myself when I feel the negativity creep up and is also a way for me to integrate positive affirmations into my life in a very conscious manner – three things can be hard!

Photo Credit: Trevon James

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