Thoughts on the First Six Months of Marriage

June marks six months since I tied the knot and believe it or not it felt like my wedding was ages ago.  The story goes that the first year of marriage is the most difficult and whoa, we’re halfway there – but truly, married life is great.  In the six months since our nuptials I have made some mental notes of things that you notice once you are married – from the little things like where we are shopping to the post-wedding duties.



You suddenly understand why your parents spent all their days off at Home Depot. 
As a kid my parents spent so much time at the Home Depot and it drove me nuts!  Maybe it’s because we have been couped up in the apartment all winter but as of late we have been jonesing to make little revamps around the place.  The past couple of weekends we have found ourselves aimlessly wandering the aisles of Home Depot picking up things here and there for “small life improvements” – that lamp that lost it’s shade has finally been updated and there’s a hook for nearly everything!

The pressure to get thank you cards is real but everyone else is in the same boat.
We are still [slowly] working our way through our thank you card pile.  After the wedding we went into wedding detox mode but recently I found myself feeling embarassed that a quarter of our cards till have not yet gone out – blame it on the stamps.  When I divulged this to some of our recently married friends they all chuckled and reassured me they were all also still in the thank you card process!

Changing your last name doesn’t happen overnight. 
When I became an anti-bride during my wedding planning process I gave up on keeping myself abreast of wedding/newlywed tips and advice, so technically this is my fault but nobody warned me how long the process is for changing your last name!  My license expires in August so it has lit the flame under my butt to get things rolling.

Apparently, marriage looks good on you.
Though I don’t quite understand what this means, I’ll pocket the compliment.  Through the course of life I have realized that this is a common phrase people often throw around after major life events occur – after I had finished cancer treatment years ago I got a lot of “You look great, how do you feel?” for a solid two years.

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